Patrick Virie
Chatavut Viriyasuthee

I believe that we all are born with non-specific purposes. Nature grants us the ability to make choices and encourages us to seek a long term satisfaction with our free will. Those who value it and try best to find their own paths while respect others' have undoubtedly lived content lives.

Humans are different from objects, not because of intelligence, but because of what intelligence gives us. We are all granted with the gift of choices, we can choose what we want to be. Though, we may or may not be what we choose to be, but once we choose, we have already altered ourselves and surrounding, and at the same time, satisfied our will. This is the most important thing of being alive.

Success comes from knowledge. Knowledge comes from search. Search is improved by intelligence. Intelligence includes generalization. While observing the world, if the model can act, it might solve something. Even better, if the model manages to generalize the search process from data, that model will indeed solve anything. The best? If the model can generalize rules that the model can use to exploit data from the data, that model is intelligent!

There are many settings that could sustain intelligence. We could design ones for specific tasks. Nature could evolve ones to survive. It is my quest to find ones that allow learning to be intelligent. Like humans, we are not born with intelligence; we earn it through experience. We are machines learnable to be smart. And that worths pursuing.

Inspirational quotes

"When we treat man as he is, we make him worse than he is; when we treat him as if he already were what he potentially could be, we make him what he should be." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"When nothing seems to help, I go and look at a stonecutter hammering away at his rock perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred and first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not that blow that did it, but all that had gone before." - Jacob Riis

Artificial intelligence is not a science. It is an art of imitating human brains with science.

It is only an individual's mind that can promote a sound to a melody.

I am always curious how my mind works, how others' minds work, and specifically how the minds of great people work that let them to amazing discoveries. And it turns out that all of these are science. So, I become a scientist because a scientist will not become me himself.

There are people who contribute themselves into science and try to understand nature. I am one of them while also understand their endeavor to understand.

If there is such a thing that could potentially be my current sub-goal, understanding the intuition behind those computation models must be it.

Since I am not smart enough to always write a correct program for a robot, so I make a robot follows my erroneous program in a meaningful way instead.

The scientific goal of every generation should be one that promotes the creating of solid building blocks of knowledge that future generations can use them with confidence that they will always work as intended.

Once my work has been publicized, there will be no different between programmers and teachers.

It is a good thing I grew up in Thailand. With its poor educational system, I ended up perceiving all the good outside of it.

If we follow the way of nature, the only creation we can get after a few million years is a rock. In turn, we are investigating the nature, not to repeat the process that creates them, but to learn from the results.

Simply knowing how to train a neural network does not acquaint you with the insight into the brain. It simply creates another thing that you do not understand.

Hebb's rule is natural. You see, in nature, things that usually emerge together stay together in either space or time. So when we see something close by in space, we positively count the evidence of their coherent, and vice versa for the opposite.

Algorithms are all about dimensionality reduction that reduces the number of parameters for which the activation pattern from the prior distribution we have can be replicated.

People have different minds because we do not see the same things, and vice versa, people see things differently because we have different minds. Because of this difference, ones may prove to be excel in some aspects that the others cannot. Disrespect this fact and humanity will end up to be a group of manufactured, pre-programmed automatons.

There is a difference between writing to make others become smarter and writing to make yourself look smart.

The best way to present an idea is to make it just hard to be admirable but also just easy to be understood.

Propose a solution, and it will be up to those who came afterward to cite you. Post a question, and they will never forget you.

The question of success is not who has done it first. It is who gets bored last.

A man's intelligence is measured by his diligence.

Animals live up to their desires. Only human live up to their responsibility. But those who mark history live up to their curiosity.

The brains have almost boundless potential. All they need is a good and unfaltering motivation.

A man can be anyone do anything, but the only one he should be is himself, and the only thing he should do is follow his dream.

Intelligence finishes your jobs. Intuition simplifies your jobs. Creativity adds values to your jobs. But it is motivation that makes them all happens.

It is often good to be optimistic because there is always some bad thing with being pessimistic.

Singularity? Do not be too imaginative. We human already possesses such skill, do you not realize? We can inspect our own mistake and alter our way of thinking to better ourselves against new threats. I believe the nature has already granted us the right balance between exploitation and exploration of the knowledge. And yet here we are. The point is I hardly believe that any intelligent machines in future would surpass us. And even if they do, they will be better than us. Would not you want such living things to survive? There is no point biasing to a particular species because you are one of them. It is our legacy, not our body, that we want to pass on. And I do not see why something of metal body can do that worse than any of the flesh...

A.I. will never steal your jobs. What makes you lose your jobs in your in-adaptability.